Friday, July 26, 2013

New Commercial Use products + CU frebbies

So Finally I was able to get this products out and about. All my products have been quality checked by an experience QC designer. So you know that they have been checked for quality by me an another person.
You can find this products 60% off at both CU digitals and GDS.

All my products have been quality checked by me and a quality specialist designer. So you know you will get the best quality product.

And you can get this ribbon set for free in 3 parts. It will only be available for free until August 9th.

                                       The first part is available on facebook fan page.

 The second part will be send on Tuesdays June 30th Newsletter. If you have subscribe  you can do so HERE.

                                   The third part is available to download here until August 9th.
Sorry link has expired