Tuesday, August 6, 2013

$2 Tuesday

Today is $2 Tuesday at GDS. I have both CU and PU products in the $2 bin. This will only be on sale today so make sure to go and grab them.

Also if you want some more freebies don't forget to sign up for my newsletter. It will be out today at 10:00 am EST. This are the newsletter exclusive freebies for today's newsletter.

I have had a lot of people who were not able to subscribe before August 6th who want part 2 and did not get this part. I have decided to send the link once more on this Tuesday's newsletter. If you sign up by 12th you will get my newsletter with the link to part 2.


  1. I just signed up for the newsletter today (finally got to the BT). Any chance I could still get part 2? You did a great job. It looks amazing.

  2. i too would love part 2 please. and yes it dous look amazing, well done...love julie xx

  3. thank you so much, julie xx